The ministry of Christian Formation at Saint Anne Parish – We promote a lifelong growth of discipleship and development of a lived experience of our Catholic faith. Our catechetical program offers curriculum-based classes from First through Twelfth Grade.

Pass on the Faith to children and teens – We welcome caring adults, willing to learn and willing to share faith with our young parishioners. Maybe God is calling you to join our catechetical team as a lead catechist, classroom aide, hall monitor, substitute, youth group leader, chaperone, setup helper or driver. Time and talent commitment varies to fit your needs. If you have questions about any of the above, please contact Elena Ziegler at (803) 329-2662 extension 4.

The Faith Formation program does the vital work of formal Christian Formation assisting the parents of baptized children as they carry out their responsibility to form their children in our faith.

The Youth Group Program has been revamped. The program enable teens to learn faith in a fun, supportive and safe environment. The program provide occasions for our young parishioners to get to know others in their faith. Teens and their adult core team leaders delve into a deeper relationship and understanding of our Church and themselves.

As part of the New Evangelization, Saint Anne is dedicated to helping our parishioners better understand our Catholic faith so we can live it and profess it confidently in our daily life. Adult Enrichment programs are created throughout the year in great variety. The programs are offered to meet with Scripture study, group faith sharing, personal growth development, and lecture series on Christian and Catholic Foundations among other offerings.

A long lasting and vibrant discipleship requires continual educational, spiritual and community growth. It is in response to our call of discipleship and evangelization that we develop programs such as First Friday Friends. In the First Friday of the month parishioners gather together for coffee and faith sharing in a relaxing faith sharing and discussion.

For adults interested in exploring the Catholic Faith, we offer RCIA (Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults).  This is the process through which adults become fully initiated members of the Catholic Church. Whether you are unbaptized or you were baptized in another denomination the RCIA team welcomes you to attend the Period of Inquiry. This is a time for you to ask questions and begin to learn about the Catholic Faith.

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